Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kings of the Past Part 2: Cover Up

So last time we left off with the fall of Babylon to King Cyrus. Here's to sum up the next few events rather quickly. I found some rather interesting side stories here! But please, please realize this is my interpretation of various sources I have read and I am not a historian.

After Cyrus the Great kicks the bucket, his son Cambyses II rises to the throne. Cambyses continued much of his fathers conquests. There are many legends that surround Cambyses' death and other parts of his life, including the famed Lost Army of 50,000 men in the Egyptian desert. Cambyses at one point had his army fight against his brother, who sought his throne, but then claimed that it was an impostor posing as his brother. Not long later Cambyses died of an infection in a wound he had sustained in battle. It is commonly believed that Cambyses, and possibly his brother, were both murdered by Darius I, who at the time served as his shield bearer and wrote the account of both of their deaths.  Darius, therefore, assumed the throne.

This was a big ancient cover up! We see these things happening everyday, right? In reality, it is the response of our human nature. What did Adam and Eve do as soon as they realized they had screwed up and their eyes were open to their nakedness (Gen. 3)? They covered up. Then they placed blame. What do we do when we fail? We try to cover it up. What do we do when we feel that we are unworthy, or unbeautiful? We cover it up. If we are honest with ourselves, we spend a good majority of our lives covering up who we really are. This is not what God wants of us of course. His plan is for Him to cleanse and exalt us. Only one cover up is necessary - the blood of Christ.

"Humble yourself in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you." --James 4:10 (NASB)

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