My Story

Why I Share

I believe that every woman has a story to share. We are each on our own incredible adventure through life and we can learn so much from the stories of others. There are stories that have been shared with me that have impacted my whole life, like those of Elizabeth Elliot, Helen Keller, and My Mom. God has brought me through many adventures in my own life, and I hope that by sharing my story, others may see His faithfulness as I have!

Growing Up

I was a military child until I was seven, so I have moved around a LOT. I had one sister who was seven years behind me and who became one of my best friends. My dad is my biggest fan and my mom is the most incredible woman I know. My family has taught me the importance of keeping your "core" healthy, having each other to depend on when everything else fails. It has helped me to know how to develop my own family.

A Spiritual Journey

My mom always taught me about Christ growing up. I never doubted His existence, but I finally made Him my Lord when I was sixteen. Since then He has taken me on quite the journey!  Together we have:
  • Spent two summers in South Africa                   
  • Studied for a semester in Costa Rica
  • Found my Beloved husband
  • Had my beautiful daughter and battled severe pregnancy problems
  • Battled cancer
  • Had my wonderful son (a month early)
  • Battled child illnesses
  • Entered into Youth Ministry
These are just some of the main things that stick out to me, and through every single one of these things GOD HAS BEEN FAITHFUL. When trials come up in my life, it is SO easy for me to just say, "It will be fine," and to trust God because I KNOW it will. God has NEVER let me down no matter what I went through.  Each of those points above have a whole chapter of my story to go with them and I would love to share those! But the bottom line is, it is a great adventure and I am writing to share parts of that story with you in hopes that it will be an encouragement or inspiration along your journey.

My Cup Overflows

Currently, my husband and I are in a transition stage of our lives.  We are waiting and preparing for God's next calling.  Meanwhile, I am ambitiously seeking my Master's degree in Intercultural Studies!
Our home life is just as busy! We have two beautiful blessings - a boy and a girl. Mommy gets very worn out at times! However, there is nothing sweeter in life than the time spent with these little ones!
I am a home school mom as well and I love sharing with others what I have learned along the way. To learn more about why I home school or to read about my experiences, check out my home school page.

All in all, I have led and still lead a FULL life and that only comes from the One who Fills ME. I hope you enjoy my story!

Thanks for reading!

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