Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Poison Apple

This is a repost of a post I wrote a few years ago...
Do you remember that intense moment in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves when Snow White is about to be tricked by the Evil Queen (in disguise as an old woman) into eating that poisonous apple? You just wanted to scream at her, "Don't do it! It is a trick!" But alas, our beauty takes one bite and falls to her death (or a deep slumber).
            This part of the story echoes an all too familiar story of another deception and another piece of fruit. Let's go back to the Beginning, to the garden of Eden. Our beauty in this story is named Eve. As we read the first few chapters of Genesis we come to this same intense moment. Eve is about to be tricked by the Evil Prince of Darkness (in disguise as a serpent) into eating that forbidden fruit (could have been an apple, probably not). Again, we just want to scream at her, "Don't do it! It is a trick!" But alas, our beauty takes one bite and falls to her death, taking the rest of the human race along with her.

            But don't worry, happy ending lover, it isn't over. As Snow White lies there, cold and lifeless, along comes a prince on a white stallion. The Prince sees Snow White as beautiful, falls in love with her, and kisses her lifeless body (ok, so it is kinda morbid, but I think it is supposed to be romantic). By the power of that love, the spell is broken; Snow White awakes and the Prince carries her away with him to his castle in the clouds. IN THE SAME WAY (ironic the parallels here), as Eve, and the human race, were experiencing the death of their souls, the separation from God the Almighty, and living through the ever-increasing consequences of this sin, along came THE PRINCE, Jesus Christ. He saw his bride, felt compassion and love, and gave his life for her (a bit harder than a kiss, wouldn't you say?). And once again, by the Power of that great Love, the bonds of sin were broken; Eve, and her children, awake to new and everlasting life, and THE PRINCE will come soon to carry us away to His mansion "in the clouds." Wow.

            So what can we take from this and apply to our life today? I mean, as Christian women who have already accepted THE PRINCE and await His return. I believe the key here is the temptation. We may have been rescued from the result of our sinful nature, but we are not finished here. The tempter is still hot on our trail. So we need to be wise to him, not allowing him to deceive us as he did our mother Eve. "(Our) enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8. Here are some things we learn about the schemes of the Devil:

One: He jumbles up your mind and twists God's Word. (Gen 3:1-3)
            Two: He contradicts God, placing His motives under false light, and causes Eve to doubt her faith in Him (Gen 3:4-5).
            Three: He leaves it all up to the senses, which for us women is a dangerous thing. (Gen 3:6)
            So what can we do when Satan attacks, placing that oh so desirable thing before us? Well, if possible: RUN!!!! But here are some other things:
            One: Know the Word of God. "Do not let the book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful." Josh 1:8 Don't allow Satan to jumble you up when it comes to what is in the Bible. If you get confused, there is only one thing to do-open up that Bible and find the truth.
            Two: Know your God. If you spend time with God daily, in prayer and in His Word, you will know the character of your God. Satan can not cause you to doubt someone you so intimately know.
            Three: Know yourself. Realistically. You don't have the power to overcome when you allow something to sit there and stare at you, calling you, looking so desirable. You'll break. We all will. Think about a little child wanting to touch that pretty ornament. You said no, but it is still there, staring at them, tempting them. And what do they eventually do? Touch it. So as parents, or caretakers, what do we generally do? Say no, and then remove the temptation. It is the same for us. All I can say is remove that temptation somehow. Back to my original advice - run!

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