Monday, April 23, 2012

Everyday Miracles

I sometimes call them "a God thing" and sometimes I use the old fashioned word miracle. We don't hear the term miracle as often today. Is it that they don't happen as often, or that we aren't giving them the credit they deserve? I wanted to write a little bit today about miracles, answered prayers, wake-up know, those God things, because I have been face to face with several of these the last few weeks. Miracles come in all sizes and shapes, and I want to share a few with you! I think that as Christian moms, trying to do all and be all, we can overlook the small miracles in our lives. I hope that this will help you see that they are all around us, so that you may wake up to the glorious wonder of the miracles in your own life!
He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted. --Job 5:9
Over a week ago:  My husband's nephew went to the hospital. He had a severe blood problem - his platelet count and white blood cell count were dangerously low. They thought he could have leukemia. We prayed and prayed that this would not be the case. He is now home and has been diagnosed with what is known as ITP, a serious disorder, but one that is controllable. It is a miracle for our family that he is able to be with us, home, and able to control what is wrong - that he doesn't have leukemia.

Monday:  There was a bill due for $300.  I had no way to pay it.  That day, my husband received a check for a side job he had done for $350.  I paid the bill.  This is not the first time one of these small financial miracles has happened to me...

Wednesday:  I sat on her front porch, looking at this beautiful woman holding her 6 day old baby boy in her arms and listening to her pour out her story to me.  I was awestruck with what this woman had been through in her life. Years before, she had experienced things that no one should experience, things that led her to attempt to take her life.  The doctors could not explain to her how it was that she could talk, move...or be alive.  It was a miracle.  It led her to believe in God and give her life to Christ.  I was sitting here listening and looking at the picture that miracles still happen.

Thursday:  I got to hold my dear friends' hours old baby in my arms in the hospital room.  She was beautiful.  I was reminded of my own babies' births.  I looked at her tiny little nose and fingers.  Each time I moved she would crinkle up her nose and whine!  I was holding a precious miracle in my hands and loving every minute of it!

Friday:  Thinking about the homeschool convention next weekend.  I don't know where I am going to get the money to buy our curriculum there.  That morning, I get the state refund check for the exact amount of money that I need. Then, my husband calls and lets me know that the $300 bill (see Monday above) was already paid somehow and we get to keep our $300.  I cry my eyes out.  How does this always happen to us?  Everyday miracles is what they are.

These are those that stuck out to me just this past week!  I know that there were plenty more mixed in there as well!  I believe that our days are saturated with miracles everywhere we turn.  I also know that our days are sometimes filled with pain, unanswered prayers, a 'lack' of miracles.  During these times it is hard to understand why things happen or to open our eyes, which are filled with tears, to the miracles around us. It is at that time that there is only one miracle that we need to be aware of...that we are safely held in God's arms until we are through our valley.
I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.--Psalm 77:11
Open your eyes today to the many everyday miracles around you.  Take time out of your busy schedule to notice! Give God the credit for them that He deserves.  Don't credit science, coincidence, or luck.  It's a God thing.  Let your cup be filled knowing that God is showering you with His blessings and His miracles!


  1. When I was a child my parents didn't have much money, and they used to talk about the Money Fairy - whenever we were in a sticky situation, an unpaid invoice would suddenly get paid to my dad's company, or someone would write us a cheque, or they would just balance the accounts and discover they had misread a figure. My dad is not a Christian, which is why it was the Money Fairy, but I have seen evidence of God working in this way throughout my life :)

    1. Isnt' it amazing to see that we are given just what we need, just when we need it? It has happened to me so many times that I no longer stress out in those situations. I just look at my husband and say "it'll come in. I don't know how, but God will provide." And he always does! He is faithful!